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Coal is a combustible sedimentary rock made up mostly of carbon. It is a fossil fuel that is abundant throughout the United States. Its origins began millions of years ago and are the altered remains of prehistoric vegetation that accumulated over time. These prehistoric plants were buried with the solar energy they once absorbed and over time the plant material was subjected to high temperature and pressures, eventually forming the energy source we know as coal.

Oxbow Carbon provides bituminous coal which is the most common type mined in the United States and the type of coal primarily used to generate electric power.

Oxbow Mining LLC, an affiliate of Oxbow Carbon LLC, owns and operates the Elk Creek Coal Mine in Somerset, Colorado. The Elk Creek Coal Mine has created more than 1200 direct and indirect jobs. It was consistently ranked as one of the top producing underground mines in the United States, before being idled due to a seismic event. Nestled in the historic North Fork Valley, in the heart of Colorado's coal producing region, the mine uses state of the art longwall technology to produce low mercury, low sulphur steam coal for the domestic and international power producing market. As one of the largest taxpayers in Delta and Gunnison counties, Oxbow Mining's presence can be felt in nearly every facet of the community. The tax dollars and philanthropic donations generated from the Elk Creek Mine support teacher salaries and expanded health care, subsidize residential electric rates, and contribute to artificially low heating fuel for fixed income residents in the North Fork Valley.

Oxbow is currently in the process of exploring for coal reserves in the Oak Mesa area of Delta, Colorado.

End Uses
Other Uses of coal:
  • Electricity generation
  • Steel production
  • Activated carbon
  • Metallurgical coke
North America:
John Barnhart
Vice President, Supply Atlantic Region, Oxbow Energy Solutions
Clayton Headley
Vice President, Supply Pacific Region, Oxbow Energy Solutions
International Coal:
Marcel de Kok
Senior Trader & Coordinator, Steam Coal Sales Europe
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