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Oxbow Carbon LLC has owned and operated an underground coal mine in the heart of Colorado’s historic coal mining region for over two decades. Located in the town of Somerset, on the banks of the Gunnison River, Oxbow Mining LLC, a division of Oxbow Carbon LLC, operates the Elk Creek Coal Mine, which is currently idled due to a seismic event. In the past, the mine has produced nearly 4 million tons annually of low-ash, low mercury super-compliant bituminous coal for the domestic and international power markets.

Mining Expertise

Using state-of-the-art long wall technology, the Elk Creek Mine has employed more than 200 people, many of them second and third generation miners, and supported another 1000 local vendors. The mine has accounted for more than $38 million in payroll per annum and has been one of the largest taxpayers in Delta and Gunnison counties. Oxbow Mining LLC has received numerous industry awards for environmental reclamation work. Working with the Aspen Ski Company, Oxbow unveiled a state-of-the-art electrical generation project that converts waste methane gas into usable electrical power.


Oxbow Mining LLC plays a vital role in the North Fork Valley, supporting Delta County Libraries, the Gunnison County Recreation Department, the Delta and Gunnison County School Districts, St. Mary’s and Delta County Hospitals, the North Fork Ambulance Association, numerous food banks, homeless shelters and children’s organizations.

The Future of Mining

Currently, Oxbow Mining LLC is exploring future coal reserves in the Oak Mesa area of Delta County Colorado, an area which had as many as seven family owned mines prior to World War II.

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